Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arlo Guthrie - Boys Night Out (2012)

Arlo Guthrie
Boys Night Out
Children's Theater of Annapolis
February 15, 2012
Section: Right, Row M, Seat 4

AT-933 (Baffled Omni) > SP-PREAMP >
Edirol R09-HR (24/96 WAV) > Sound Studio 4
(Fades & Tracking) > MP3 (320k)

Arlo Guthrie - Bob Hargreaves
Abe Guthrie - John Claeys
Krishna Guthrie -
Terry A La Berry - Steve Dillard

DISC 1 (62:48)

01. Introduction
02. Green Green Rocky Road
03. Make Stuff Up
04. Darkest Hour
05. Jackie & The Police
06. Coming Into Los Angeles
07. Reflections of Woody
08. Deportees
09. A More Perfect Union
10. Union Maid / Ladies Auxilliary
11. Pretty Boy Floyd
12. Mother's Voice
13. St. James Infirmary
14. Keys To The Highway
15. Byrds Revisited
16. Waimanalo Blues
17. When A Soldier Makes It Home
18. Bikes In The House
19. Waimanalo Blues

DISC 2 (59:51)

01. Pig Meat
02. Slow Boat
03. Buy Me A Beer
04. City Of New Orleans
05. After Katrina
06. In Times Like These
07. Visiting Leadbelly
08. Alabama Bound
09. Staying With Ramblin' Jack
10. Highway In The Wind
11. Occupy
12. All Over The World
13. Arlo's Hymn
14. This Land Is Your Land
15. Woody & Steinbeck
16. My Peace

Total Time:      2:02:39

Great little theater and place to see Arlo!  It was a wonderful night filled with song and story by one of the best in the business.  It's not a perfect recording, and I apologize for a few of the coughs as it was very dry and I found myself without any candy or something to sooth my throat. Highlight of the evening had to be everyone singing along to "My Peace", a perfect ending to a great show.

AudienceA-123 minIncluded

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hollister said...

The record spun off a hit movie and Guthrie became a cultural hero to a new generation espousing social consciousness and activism. A gifted musician on the piano, six and twelve-string guitar, harmonica and a dozen other instruments, Guthrie has equal talent for clever repartee, promising an event the whole family will enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting this in FLAC?

Anonymous said...

Link is dead

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