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Arlo Guthrie - Here's Looking At You (2007)

Arlo Guthrie
Here's Looking At You
Filene Center - Vienna, VA
August 12, 2007
Front Orchestra, Row H, Seat 29

Sony MZ-R900 MD
AT933 (cards)
Taped from the balcony
Edited with Sound Studio 4.1.1 (MacBook)

DISC 1 (47:35)

01. Darkest Hour
02. St. James Infirmary
03. Songs Are Like Kids
04. Here's Looking At You
05. Bikes In The House
06. Motorcycle Song
07. What The Hell Is Always Right
08. Alice's Restaurant
09. Friends I Didn't Intend To Make
10. When A Soldier Makes It Home

DISC 2 (39:06)

01. City Of New Orleans
02. Modern Disasters
03. In Times Like These
04. I Don't Have A Plan
05. The Old Apple Tree
06. Playing For Melting People
07. Highway In The Wind
08. In The Night Air
09. This Land Is Your Land
10. Show's Over
11. My Peace      

Total Time:       1:26:41


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