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Arlo Guthrie - Journey Home (2011)

Arlo Guthrie With Family & Friends
Journey Home
Guthrie Center, Housatonic, MA
May 27-29, 2011

Edirol R-09HR (96/24 WAV) >
AT933 (cards in DIN configuration)
Taped from the balcony
Edited with Sound Studio 4.1.1 (MacBook)

DISC 1 (79:43)

01. Won't Be Long                       
02. Green Green Rocky Road                 
03. Hoyt                                
04. Evangelina                         
05. My Old Friend                      
06. St. Louis Tickle                   
07. Mooses & Gooses                     
08. Me & My Goose                       
09. Jackie & The Police                
10. Coming In To Los Angeles           
11. Woody                               
12. Deportees                          
13. Jodi                                
14. Baggage Carousel  - Jodi Martin           
15. Saltwater In My Hair - Jodi Martin
16. Criminal- Jodi Martin
17. A More Perfect Union                   
18. Union Maid / Ladies Auxilliary     
19. Sailing Down This Golden River - Sarah Lee Guthrie
20. Tryin To Help Out                  
21. When A Soldier Makes It Home       
22. Cornbread, Peas, and Black Molasses
23. We Train Them Well                 
24. Alabama Bound                      
25. St. James Infirmary                 

DISC 2 (77:02)

01. Jack                               
02. Oklahoma Hills                      
03. Janis                              
04. Mother's Voice                      
05. We Train Them Well                  
06. Highway In The Wind                 
07. Slow Boat                           
08. Last To Leave                       
09. City Of New Orleans                 
10. Gonna Be A Second                   
11. Birds & Ships - Sarah Lee Guthrie                 
12. The Hymn                            
13. Journey On                          
14. Deep Blue Sea                       
15. This Land Is Your Land              
16. Rabbits                             
17. Ridin' Down The Canyon              
18. Stealin'                            
19. Goodnight Irene                     
20. End Of The World                   
21. When The Saints Go Marching In     
22. Don't Clap Yet                     
23. Motorcycle Song                     
24. Thanks For Coming                  
25. My Peace                    

Total Time:       2:36:45

First and foremost, my apologies to Arlo and all involved - as well as all the purists out there - please don't hate me for this!

The recording you have here is not a normal concert, but rather a compilation spanning all three nights at the Guthrie Center.  I have tried to keep the continuity of the shows intact - but I did take a few liberties in order to provide a recording covering all three shows as well as condensing it to fit on a 2 CD set.  This is my first time ever putting together a project like this, and I do hope that you enjoy the
effort that went in to it.

Also, please note that these were benefit concerts to help support the wonderful programs going on at the Guthrie Center.  If you enjoy this recording, I'd urge you to become a member or just donate whatever you feel this is worth.  You can even make your contribution online at:

Thanks for your consideration!

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