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James McMurtry - Acoustically Speaking (2012)

James McMurtry - Acoustically Speaking
The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
August 4, 2012
Section: House Right, Middle

AT-933 (SubCardioid) > SP-PREAMP >
Edirol R09-HR (24/96 WAV) > Sound Studio 4
(Fades / Tracking) > MP3 (320k)

DISC 1 (73:58)
01. Down Across the Delaware (Partial)
02. Red Dress
03. Rachel's Song
04. Hurricane Party
05. You'd A' Thought
06. Choctaw Bingo
07. Woke Up Last Night
08. Ruby and Carlos
09. How Am I Gonna Find You Now
10. I Know a Thing Or Two Now
11. We Can't Make It Here Anymore
12. Levelland

DISC 2 (21:03)
01. No More Buffalo
02. Restless
03. Encore Break
04. Peter Pan

Total Time:      1:35:01

A fantastic performance by James.  I have only seen him do a full acoustic set one other time, so this was a real treat.  Honestly, I was pretty blown away by his guitar work as the performance sounded like nothing else was needed in the way of other instruments. I'll let you be the judge of that, but for me, this was a rare treat and this will probably go down as one of my favorite recordings I've put out there.

There was a mishap with the recorder where the mics had been unplugged at first.  This resulted in sub-par audio up until about halfway through Down Across the Delaware.  I ended up doing a little editing and saved what I thought I could of the song.  The raw unedited source is included in the "Extras" folder of this archive if you'd like to play with it - do so with caution though as playing it as is could damage your speakers or headphones.

The video that is included is all the footage that I took, so please don't ask if I have more.  I have provided pretty much all the media that I got that night in this archive - photos, video, and audio.

AudienceA-95 minArtwork, Photos, Video

Sample: Rachel's Song

MP3 Version - 320kbps:
After listening to the recording, please come back and rate it as to the quality of the recording. The grades listed above are my personal opinion only.

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Rob-in-Brevard said...

Nice work on this and the Robert Plant show from 2013.

I'm a blogger, and i know how much work goes into creating this sort of quality. Well done!

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