Friday, December 19, 2014

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Looking To Believe (2014)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Looking To Believe
Verizon Center - Washington, DC
December 17, 2012
Section 100, Row F, Seat 13

AT-853 (sub-cardioid) > SP-SPSB-3 >
Edirol R09-HR (24/96 WAV) > Sound Studio 4
(Fades / Levels / EQ / Tracking) > MP3 (320k)


01. Time and Distance
02. Winter Palace
03. Narration
04. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve
05. Boughs of Holly
06. Narration
07. The World That He Sees
08. Narration
09. March of the Kings
10. Narration
11. The Three Kings and I (with an excerpt of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir")
12. Narration
13. Christmas Canon Rock
14. Narration
15. Joy of Man / An Angel's Share
16. Narration
17. Find Our Way Home
18. Narration
19. Appalachian Snowfall
20. Narration
21. Music Box Blues
22. Narration
23. The Snow Came Down


01. Narration
02. Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)
03. Narration
04. Christmas in the Air
05. Narration (Merry Christmas)
06. Singer Introductions
07. Christmas Jam
08. The Mountain
09. Someday
10. Night Conceives
11. Wizards in Winter
12. Sparks
13. This Christmas Day
14. Band Introductions
15. Keyboard Duel
16. Requiem (The Fifth)
17. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
18. Thank You & Goodnight

Total Time:      2:28:44

I thought this recording turned out real nice!  However, after doing everything I realized one thing I forgot... The audio channels (L+R) are reversed.  I had forgotten to swap them.  I don't think it detracts from the recording in any way, but wanted to make you aware of it.  Also, there are 2 points where the audio level and quality changes for a short bit - that is due to me turning my head to follow the show at the other end of the arena (or at the end of my row... Chris Caffery actually stopped right at the end of the row I was in).  Again, not a huge deal.  And at one point you can hear the girls next to me laughing... That was due to the guy in front of us getting up, and realizing the people next to him were older and couldn't easily stand up, he climbed over the chair to exit our row. 

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Sample - Sparks:

MP3 Version - 320kbps:
After listening to the recording, please come back and rate it as to the quality of the recording. The grades listed above are my personal opinion only.

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