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Arlo Guthrie - Feelin' Better (About Myself) (2000)

Arlo Guthrie
Feelin' Better (About Myself)
The Guthrie Center - Housatonic, MA
October 7, 2000

Sony ECM-MS907 > Sony MZ-R70 > Sound Studio 4
(Levels, Fades, EQ, Tracking) > MP3 (320k)


01. Welcome
02. Introduction / Fence Post Blues
03. Me And My Goose
04. Big Square Walkin' - Sarah
05. I Know You Ate It
06. Coming Into Los Angeles
07. Alone - Abe
08. St. James Infirmary
09. Taking Requests
10. Stealin'
11. Feelin' Better (About Myself)
12. Here We Are / Way Out In The Country
13. Raffle Drawing


01. Prologue
02. Lost Some Friends
03. In a Young Girl's Mind (Take 1) - Sarah
04. In a Young Girl's Mind - Sarah
05. Key To The Highway
06. Voice Ain't What It Once Was
07. Saling Down This Golden River - Sarah
08. Green Green Rocky Road
09. There's A Pond Out Back
10. Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues
11. City of New Orleans
12. Ocean Crossing
13. Makin' The Movie
14. Orphan Girl - Sarah
15. My Favorite Scene
16. Amazing Grace
17. Highway In the Wind
18. Goodnight Irene

Total Time:      2:05:54

Fantastic collection of songs in this show!  This is one of my first recordings and I wasn't using the greatest mic available, but with a little tweaking to the EQ, I think the resulting recording here came out quite nicely.  Some highlights include Abe doing all the vocals on Xavier's song "Alone", Arlo goofing up and starting to play "Here We Are / Way Out In The Country" but singing Stealin', and there's a good bit of Sarah Lee Guthrie from early on in her career.  Overall, a great performance by all!

AudienceA-126 minArtwork, Web Links

MP3 Version - 320kbps:
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