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Phlea Circus - The Batman Years: Live At Eastover (2000)

Phlea Circus
The Batman Years: Live At Eastover
Lenox, MA
October 6, 2000

This is a REMASTERED version of my original offering.  I just added a little compression to bring the overall level up some, as well as fixing a few gaps and adding fades.

Sony MZ-R70 MD
Sony ECM-MS907 Mic

Sound Studio 3 on a MacBook

1. You May Be Right (Billy Joel)    4:15 2
2. Higher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers)    4:18
3. Last Kiss (Pearl Jam)    3:32
4. Thank You (Led Zeppelin)    4:14
5. Back In Black (AC/DC)    1:21
6. You're A God (Vertical Horizon)    4:23
7. If I Had a Million Dollars (Barenaked Ladies)    3:27
8. Oh What A Night (The Four Seasons)    4:31
9. Smooth (Santana)    4:57
10. Last Train (Xavier)    5:08  
11. Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton)    3:43
12. Hand Jive (Johnny Otis)    4:22
13. No Rain (Blind Melon)    6:30
14. Nookie (Limp Bizkit)    3:06
15. Takin' Care Of Business (Bachman Turner Overdrive)    5:37
16. Tommorow's Gone (Bonus Track)    3:17

Total Time: 66:31

This is one of my very first recordings and was basically just a mic sitting on a table with the recorder.  It definitely captures the performance quite well - it was loud and very much a bar type atmosphere.

For those who may not be aware Phlea Circus is/was a mostly cover band consisting of Abe Guthrie (Arlo's son) on keyboards, Randy Cormier on guitar and vocals and I don't remember who else had the guitar, and I had the impression there was no real set drummer.  Although it's mostly just covers - they did manage to throw in an original Xavier song.  Also, as an added bonus is a track called "Tomorrow's Gone" which I believe was written by Randy.  It is just him and his guitar playing at the Guthrie Center the day after if I recall correctly.  I don't believe this song appears anywhere else or I have ever heard it played live anywhere.

It's not the greatest quality - but worth checking out if you are a fan of Xavier - or just because!

AudienceB+66 minIncluded

MP3 Version - 320kbps
After listening to the recording, please come back and rate it as to the quality of the recording. The grades listed above are my personal opinion only.

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